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Company’s Objectives and Policy

Our objective is to offer our clients the best required quality garments in the required quantities, at the precise time and in the right place with the considerable price.  To achieve these goals the company adapts a policy to ensure its success and stability. 

Yasmina Garments sees all of its employees as long-term investments. We care about their health and well being.

At Yasmina, we believe that providing employees with good working conditions in a technology-driven environment ensures Yasmina's competitive edge in the open global market.

We spend a large part of our budget on Continual Information Technology System Improvement, Company Development and Personnel Development & Training.

All our production facilities are socially compliant.  No child labor is used.

Clients Expectations and Requirements

nNo defects product (AQL 2.5)

nSafe Product (application of Metal Free Policy)

nIncreasing our productivity

nApplication of Client Relation Management System CRM

nOn Time Shipping

nReduction of the Manufacturing Lead Time

nImproving our Costing System

nImproving our Procurement system

nPrompt Services and Continuous following up

nOffering Design Collections

nSimplifying the sampling procedures through modern fitting software

nMoving from regional competition to global competition


Lead Time

SAMPLES FOR COLLECTION 30 days from receiving the final designs.


Weaving: 30 - 45 days from receiving final orders

Finishing:7-20 days

Sewing: 7 days for layout thereafter, 3000-4000 pieces/day

Company Strengths

1-The competitive quality,

2-The considerable price,

3-ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS ISO 18001 certified,

4-The competency of the staff, 

5-State-to-the-art technologies applied,

6-Efficient procurement system,

7-Cheap manufacturing costs,

8-Successful ERP System,

9-Application of the corrective/preventive action system,

10-Proximity to Europe,

11-The ability to produce express orders and small quantities in a lot of designs and colors,

12-our persistent trials to service our clients through offering the fabric designs and the best prototype samples, 

13-Ability to deliver the samples on the requested time,

14-Our specification sheets are very unique and clear for understanding,

15-Measuring  our customer satisfaction through application of Customer Questionnaire Reporting System,

16-We have one of the best training units in Egypt.

17-We have one of the best Computerized Monitoring System in the Garment Manufacturing Sector covering the whole           activities of the company

Quality Control System

Incoming material Inspection (Fabric & Accessories)

Sampling Inspection System

Prime Inspection for cut pieces ( Bundle Inspection ).

In-line quality control

End of line Q.C. for all sewing operation & Fabric defects

Thread Trimming Q.C.

Measurement control

End-of-Production Auditing (AQL 2.5)

Ironing & Folding Inspection.

Presentation stages.

Packaging & Logistics Q.C.

Pre shipment Auditing

Strategic Challenges

Rapid technological change,

Necessity of reducing lead time for product introduction,

Declining market share,

Changing market place,

Global marketing and customer retention,

Employee retention,

Value chain integration.

Company Improvement Plan

  • know-how transfer and on the job training through hiring International Experts (such as GM, Factory Manager, QC Manager and Maintenance Manager) which will help the company to upgrade its performance as follows:

  • Increase productivity.

  • Increase the sales

  • Decrease the waste and enhance the quality of its final product.

  • Development of distinctive competencies in the areas of marketing intelligence, customer relationship, product development, international networking and sourcing.

  • Building up a dedicated interdisciplinary more efficient, cooperative and responsible team with key experiences in the area of Strategy, Business Planning and Production and garment global sourcing for major international brands.

  • Increase the production efficiency, which has a bearing on the products final cost, lead time and delivery accuracy.


  • Application of Customer Relationship Management System CRM through the new version of our Web Site.

  • Establishing of specialized blouse production line.

  • Qualifying the factory for SA 8000

  • Building a new extension for the company to move all the administration department to it and establish a complete Metal Free Hall

Expected deliverables of the Improvement Plan

A better organized working factory

A team of workers that is well trained on all up to date industrial trends in the Garment industry

A management team that is well aware of latest fashion trends, management trends, and high efficiency production methods.

Better production control systems installation and training.

More than 30% increase in production:

The increase in production will have additional side benefits such as a better utilization of a higher percentage of the material, higher utilization of the existing facilities and equipment and fixed costs such as administration, management, technical department, and cutting.

Since all the fixed costs are in ratio to the total quantity, we can forecast a very substantial reduction in cost per garment through a good increase in production.

Improved methods of handling the cutting plans reflect on increasing the utilization of the fabric about 10% and decrease the production lead time in cutting by 20%.

Quality control improved information system and training to international standards.

Better underestimating of the repair costs and second quality garments

Decreasing the Order Delivery Lead Time.

Additional savings will also result from :

Improvement of consistency level of quality

reliable production forecast for new articles to be produced

more efficient work programming avoiding time losses and excess material storage

reduced overtimes,

and more.

More Customer satisfaction

Yasmina Quality Management System

Our QMS is designed to demonstrate its ability to provide consistently product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity.

Yasmina Documantion system

Our Quality Management System consists of:

Quality Policy.

Quality Objectives.

Quality Manual.

Operational Procedures including quality forms.

Work Instructions.

Standards and other technical reference materials;

Technical documents, including drawings, specifications, procedures, and other documents defining products;

Customer Technical documents;

Computerized Reporting System

Operational Procedures

The operational procedures outlines what each department does to complete a task, a flow of activity that describes who does what, in what order and to what standard.  Our procedures describes how we operate and control our processes to meet the customer requirements.

List of the Applied Operational Procedures

  1. QOP-42-01   Quality System Documentation

  2. QOP-42-02   Control of Documents

  3. QOP-42-03   Control of Quality Records

  4. QOP-56-01   Management Review

  5. QOP-62-01   Training and Awareness

  6. QOP-62-01             Termination

  7. QOP-72-02   Order Processing for Custom Products

  8. QOP-72-03   Customer Feedback and Complaints

  9. QOP-74-01   Supplier Evaluation

  10. QOP-74-02   Purchasing

  11. QOP-74-03   Verification of Purchased Product

  12. QOP-75-01   Production Work Order

  13. QOP-75-02   Work Instructions

  14. QOP-75-03   Equipment and Infrastructure Maintenance

  15. QOP-75-04   Product Identification and Traceability

  16. QOP-75-06   Product Handling and Preservation

  17. QOP-75-07   Storage Areas

  18. QOP-75-08   Packaging, Labeling and Shipping

  19. QOP-76-01   Measuring and Monitoring Equipment

  20. QOP-82-01   Customer Satisfaction

  21. QOP-82-02   Internal Quality Audits

  22. QOP-82-03   Fabric and Accessories Inspection

  23. QOP-82-04   In-process Inspections

  24. QOP-82-05   Final Inspection

  25. QOP-83-01   Control of Nonconforming Product

  26. QOP-85-01   Continual Improvement

  27. QOP-85-02   Corrective and Preventive Action




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